Partnership Firm Registration in Pune

Partnership Firm is best solution and remedial for the entrepreneurs planning to start or expand their business especially for start-ups and new venture capitals. Under Partnership firm entrepreneurs have less tax compliances and more benefits.

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Required Documents

  • Identity proof- PAN Card
  • As Address proof: Adhar-card of all partners
  • Legal Stamp
  • Firms Address(electricity bill)
  • Noc / Rent Agreement

Information Required:

  • Nature of Business
  • Name of the firm
  • Date of commencement
  • Capital of firm
  • Partners Remuneration
  • Profit sharing ratio
  • Bank Authority (any one or more partners)

Contact details:

  • E-mail Id (all partners)
  • Mobile No. (all partners)

Steps for Partnership Firm Registration in Pune

Step 1
Submit Scanned copy of Documents
Step 1
Step 2
Form A is filled
Step 2
Step 3
Stamp Papers prepared
Step 3
Step 4
Drafts are prepared
Step 4
Step 5
Get a Certified Copy of Partnership deed
Step 5
Step 6
Step 6

Partnership Firm Registration in Pune

A Partnership Firm is the best solution and remedial for entrepreneurs planning to start or expand their business, especially for start-ups and new venture capitals. Under Partnership firms, entrepreneurs have less tax compliance and more benefits.

A partnership firm differs from the Limited Liability Partnership (LLP) in terms of partner liability. Partnership firm is ruled by the Partnership Act, 1932 Section 4. While in Partnership firm partners are the owners and thus are not a separate legal entity.

So you are a group of 2 or a maximum of 20 you can easily register under the Partnership Firm, and

Most importantly we make the process hassle-free and provide the best legal advisory to you. So go ahead and register your business with the Registrar of Partnership Firm.

Why to Register under Partnership Firm:

  • The minimum no. of members required is 2, in the banking business maximum no. of members is 10, and otherwise maximum 20
  • You can choose any name for business – In partnership, you are not required to get your name approved by any prescribed authority.
  • Less Paperwork as compared to other Company registrations.
  • Profits are equally distributed, (or as per share ratio) and losses are also divided.
  • Raising funds collectively becomes easier, Registered partnership firms are considered as legal entities by some microfinance banks and organizations and provide loans too.

No Capital Requirement for the registration of the firm.

Being leading financial services providers we have a wide client base satisfied with our work, cost – time cost-effective services provided by our team of experts giving you legal assistance in your professional journey for a bright future for your firm.

So what are you waiting for? Get associated with the most trustworthy and renowned legal advisors in Pune I Connect Financial Solutions, backed by a team of experts who will guide you and help you throughout your journey. IConnect offers seamless partnership firm registration services in Pune, catering to the diverse needs of businesses looking to establish themselves in the vibrant business landscape of Pune. With our expertise and experience, we provide comprehensive support throughout the registration process, ensuring compliance with all legal requirements and regulations.


By choosing IConnect for partnership firm registration in Pune, businesses can benefit from our commitment to excellence, professionalism, and efficiency. With our support, clients can establish their partnership firms with confidence, knowing that their registration needs are being handled with diligence and expertise.

Minimum Requirements

  1. Nature of Business
  2. E-mail ID
  3. Mobile No.
  4. Date of commencement Business
  5. Name of the Firm
  6. Firm  Address
  7. Partner Residence Address
  8. Capital of Firm
  9. Remuneration Partner
  10. Interest on Capital
  11. Profit-Sharing Ratio
  12. Bank Authority

What You Get

  • Partnership deed
  • PAN of Firm
  • Legal Stamp purchase
  • Assistance for Account Opening
  • Legal Advisory to run successful business ahead

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Do I need to prepare a draft for partnership deed?
    • No, we prepare draft for partnership deed according to your requirements and the information provided by you, we provide consulting services by understanding form of your business.
  1. What is the no. of members required for formation of partnership firm?
    • For the formation of Partnership firm minimum 2 members are required and maximum 10 members in case of banking business and maximum 20 members in case of other business organisation.
  1. Where do we need to register partnership firms?
    • We need to register partnership firm with Registrar of partnership firm, under the Partnership Act, 1932.
  1. What are basic documents required for the registration of Partnership firm?
    • The basic documents required for the registration of partnership firm are as follows:
    • Documents Required-
    • Identity proof- PAN Card and
    • As Address proof: Adhar-card of all partners
    • Legal Stamp
    • Firms Address(electricity bill)
  1. Can you list down the documents need to open bank account under partnership firm?
    • We provide you the complete assistance in opening the bank account. Following are the documents needed to open bank account-
    • Registered Partnership deed
    • Shop act
    • Gst Certificate
    • Rof Receipt Acknowledgement
    • Address proof of all partners
  1. Do we have to register name of partnership firm?
    • You can choose the name you want to register under Partnership firm as partners are owners of firm, they own, manage and control the firm.
  1. What the advantages one gets under the partnership firm Proper Legal registration?
    • If the partnership firm is registered then only partners can file case in court of law or sue the other partner in case of liability issue and claim set off, for same partnership have to be registered.
  1. How I Connect Financial Solutions helps in registration of partnership firm?
    • We at I Connect Financial Solutions understand your requirements as per your business, we prepare the partnership deed on bases of data provided, form A is filled we take care of stamp duties and also register your firm at registrar of partnership firm.

At I Connect Financial Solutions you’ll get to experience hassle free, cost – time effective, prompt service.

  1. Can I convert the existing partnership into the LLP?
    • Yes. According to the provisions of clause 58 and schedule II of the LLP act one can convert the existing partnership into the LLP. For same form 17 needs to filed with form 2 for the conversion and incorporation process of LLP.

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