One Person Company Registration in Pune

Are you individual who are looking forward to establish business availing all features equal as Private Limited Company, then One Person Company is best solution for you! One person company viz. is also denoted as OPC. It is also phrased as “the one man show”. OPC is formed and can be registered by one person (single), by an individual

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Required Documents

Documents Required for Director:

(First 3 documents should be self-attested by directors)

  • PAN card or Passport of Directors (Scanned copy)
  • Passport (for NRI, Foreign delicates)
  • Scanned copy of Voting card or Driving license.
  • Electricity bill/Bank account statement/Mobile bill/Utility Bill’s.
  • One passport size photo
  • Signature specimen

Documents required for registration of company:

  • Scanned copy of Current Bank account statement/Electricity bill
  • If premise is rental then No Objection Certificate
  • Rent Agreement
  • If premise is owned then Sale Agreement/Property deed

Steps for One Person Company Registration in Pune

Step 1
Submit Scanned copy of Documents
Step 1
Step 2
Acquire DSC and DIN
Step 2
Step 3
Select appropriate Name for Pvt. Ltd.(OPC) Company
Step 3
Step 4
We will prepare and file all necessary Legal Documents with MCA (MOA and AOA, SPICe)
Step 4
Step 5
Get Incorporation Certificate issued
Step 5
Step 6
Get PAN and TAN
Step 6

One Person Company Registration in Pune

OPC is ruled by the Companies Act, 2013. OPC is required to be registered as per the norms and provisions of the Companies Act, 2013. The concept of OPC is specially introduced and brought into light for individual entrepreneurs.

Last Few years Before, OPC came into focus in India to open up the market for individual entrepreneurs. OPC brought a change in traditional formats of business like PVT LTD COMPANY, LLP, and Partnership.

OPC was an opportunity for new entrepreneurs, investors, and startups who were trying to establish and expand their businesses, allowing them the advantages of limited liability, owning separate legal entities, with less tax compliance. Get your business registered as One Person Company Registration in Pune with I Connect Financial Solutions.

Thus, this is the most preferred and accepted format under corporate business registration by entrepreneurs, startups, Investors, and Businessmen in India, and across India.

What are you waiting for? Get associated with the most trustworthy and renowned firm in Pune backed by a team of experts who will guide you and help you throughout your journey. We understand, acknowledge, and then provide our best services and consultation to you. I Connect Financial Solutions would be a one-stop destination for your one-person company registration (OPC registration) in Pune.

IConnect specializes in providing efficient and reliable OPC (One Person Company) registration services in Pune, catering to the unique needs of individuals looking to establish their business presence with ease. As a leading service provider, we offer comprehensive support throughout the entire OPC registration process, ensuring compliance with all legal formalities and regulations.

Our expert team at IConnect understands the importance of OPC registration for individuals seeking to operate a business independently while enjoying the benefits of limited liability. With our guidance and expertise, clients can navigate the intricacies of OPC registration seamlessly, saving time and effort while ensuring compliance with relevant laws and regulations.

From documentation and filing to obtaining necessary approvals, our dedicated professionals handle every aspect of the OPC registration process efficiently and accurately. We prioritize client satisfaction and strive to deliver personalized assistance tailored to individual requirements, ensuring a smooth and hassle-free experience from start to finish.

By choosing IConnect for OPC registration in Pune, clients can rest assured that their business establishment process is in capable hands. With our commitment to excellence and professionalism, we empower individuals to embark on their entrepreneurial journey confidently, knowing that their OPC registration needs are taken care of with diligence and expertise.



Minimum Requirements

  • Minimum One Shareholders
  • Minimum One Directors
  • The directors and shareholders can be the same person.
  • DIN (Director Identification Number) for all the administrators.
  • DSC (Digital Signature Certificate) for all administrators.
  • Minimum authorized capital required.

What You Get

  1. Director Identification No (DIN)
  2. Digital Signature (DSC)
  3. Name Approval Certificate
  4. Memorandum of Association (MOA)
  5. Articles of Association (AOA)
  6. Certificate of Incorporation
  7. Company PAN
  8. TAN (Tax deduction Account No.)
  9. Current Bank Account Opening Assistance

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What are requirements to register under OPC?

– Minimum requirements to register under the OPC:

  • One shareholder
  • One Nominee
  • Note: In OPC formation director & shareholder can be same person
  • Director Identification Number.
  • Digital Signature Certificate
  1. Who can do the registration under an OPC?

– Registration under an OPC can be done by the residents of India, and that can be done only by one person.

  1. Why should one opt OPC?

– An OPC is best option for an individual or sole proprietor as it serves benefits of limited liability, separate legal entity with a perpetual succession. Any individual who want to start Pvt. Ltd. Co. can go for OPC.

  1. Can one person start another OPC?

– No. One person who has already started an OPC cannot register or start another OPC, this rule is applicable for nominees too.

  1. Can you explain about Nominee?

– In OPC the person who start the business is the only director and shareholder of Co. Whereas the the person is know as nominee director, he/she can be parent,siblings or spouse. They can’t raise funds or offer employee stock options. Nominee can only over take the Co. incase of death or disablement of director.

  1. What are the tax compliance under OPC?

– For OPC it I’d mandatory to submit annual reports, annual compliance include appointing auditor, statutory audit, annual return filing, roc filing, KYC of directors. This also include TDS filing, GST filing etc…

But when you get associated with I Connect Financial Solutions, there is no need to worry about all the tax compliance we take care of it filing it in time.

  1. Is it mandatory to hold AGM for OPC?

– No. In an OPC there is only one person, who is director as well as shareholder of company. So it is not required to hold an AGM.

  1. Is appointing auditor complusary for OPC?

– OPC serves all benefits as the Pvt. Ltd. Co. including all it’s legal & tax compliance. It is mandatory for OPC to get books of accounts audited by CA (Chartered Accountant) and thus appointing auditor is complusary.

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