LLP Annual Return

LLP has to file annual return with the MCA each financial year. LLP owns a separate legal entity and are entitled to get books of accounts audited every year by appointing the auditor and it is mandatory to file an annual return yearly.  LLP need to maintain specific Forms for annual filing of return.

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Required Documents

  • LLP Identification Number
  • Name of the LLP
  • Registered office address
  • Business classification
  • Principal business activities
  • Details of Designated Partners (DP) and Partners
  • Total obligation of the contribution of partners
  • Total contribution received by all partners
  • Any penalties imposed, then its summary/particulars
  • Summary of DP and Partners
  • Particulars of compounding offences, if any
  • Details of LLP and/or company in which DP or partners are Directors/Partners

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Steps for LLP Annual Return

Step 1
Provide basic Information
Step 1
Step 2
Submit the documents
Step 2
Step 3
Filing Form 8 & Form 11
Step 3
Step 4
Filing of ITR
Step 4
Step 5
Receive the Acknowledgement
Step 5
Step 6

LLP Annual Return

LLP has to file annual return with the MCA each financial year. LLP owns a separate legal entity and are entitled to get books of accounts audited every year by appointing the auditor and it is mandatory to file an annual return yearly.  LLP need to maintain specific Forms for annual filing of return.

Forms to be maintained:

  • Form 11: It has to be submitted to the Registrar within 60 days from the end of financial year. It is a statement of annual return containing the details of DP (Designated Partner)
  • Form 8: It is a statement of accounts. It needs to be filed on/before 30th October every year

Penalties and Late fees: If the above forms are filed belated then penalty of Rs. 100/- is charged per day.

Process of LLP returns filing:

  1. LLP Annual Filing: The LLP needs to file a mandatory annual return with the Ministry of Corporate Affairs (MCA) and maintain annual compliance
  1. Annual Return Preparation: LLP needs to prepare annual return based on financials and its performance during the previous financial year 
  1. Annual Return Verification: LLP has to prepare annual return based on details submitted and send it for verification and approval 
  1. Finalization: After the approval, the LLP should file annual return with MCA along with the necessary attachments

What You Get

Set as per the turnover (prices and packages)

  • Accounting Services (on monthly or yearly basis)
  • Preparation of Computation
  • Preparation of Financial Statement
  • Forms Filing: Form 11 & 8/ Form 11 or 8
  • ITR Filing
  • Annual LLP Report
  • GST Compliance

( Note -Fee Will be Depend on Turnover  and actual work )

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is SRN?
    • SRN i.e. Service Request Number is a 28-digit number which is automatically generated. It is used by the applicant for enquiring the status pertaining to the transaction
  1. Do I need to keep a track of my SRN, after filing an e-Form?
    • Yes, you should keep a track of your SRN till it is approved
  1. Does LLP need to file returns even if it has not done any business?
    • Yes, every LLP has to compulsorily file returns even if it has not done any business
  1. Who can file the annual return of LLP?
    • Any of the directors can file annual returns of LLP but it should be duly signed by all the directors and by the Manager or by the Company Secretary
  1. Which form is to be filled to file annual return for LLP?
    • Form 11 is required to be filed by every LLP within 60 days from the conclusion of the financial year with the Registrar
  1. When do I need to get accounts audited under LLP?
    • As per LLP Act; only the LLP whose turnover exceeds Rs.40 lakhs and LLP who contribution exceeds Rs. 25 lakhs need to get their accounts audited.
    • But it is advisable to get accounts audited to ensure the legality of the Companies Financial records.
  1. What are compliances filed under LLP?
    • Mandatory compliances under LLP are filing of FORM 11 (as statement of annual return), FORM 8 (as financial statement) and Income Tax Return filing.
  1. What is due date of filing Income Tax Return under LLP?
    • It is mandatory to file ITR under LLP. However the due date of filing ITR is 31st July of Financial Year. But LLP undergoing Tax audit can file return by 30th September of every financial year.
  1. How does I Connect Financial Solutions help in filing annual compliances?
    • We send you timely reminders about the due dates and about filing of return.
    • Once the basic information is collected and documents are received, we prepare reports and Forms are filed.
    • Acknowledgement is mailed to you.
  1. If you still have any query?
    • Kindly contact us on (mobile no.) or (email id)

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