GST Council to discuss a slew of law changes. Council likely to allow amendments in GSTR3B

GST Council to discuss a slew of a law changed

GST Council to ease compliance bottlenecks for e-commerce suppliers GST Council to allow e-commerce suppliers to register under the composition scheme, to ease registration & reduce tax outgo Council likely to allow amendments in GSTR3B.

ALERT: GSTR3B is the monthly GST return to be filed by taxpayers GST Council to allow Government-run NIC as another platform to register e-invoices.

Government to have 6 invoice registration portals to come into action in next 6 months to provide adequate backend IT infrastructure to handle e-invoice load.

Council is likely to empower both center and state to issue Show Cause Notice despite whether the taxpayer does not fall in their jurisdiction, measure to plug leakage.

Council is likely to allow utilization of amounts available in electronic credit ledger and electronic.

cash ledger for payment towards output tax due in return, except those in form of penalty, interest, or fees Council is likely to continue to exempt taxpayers below Rs 2 cr of annual turnover from filing annual returns under FORM GSTR-9/9A for FY 2021-22.

Government to further enhance auto-population of GSTR3B and annual returns for better compliance.

Council is likely to withdraw the new return filing system as it is no longer relevant.

GST Council is likely to be presented a comprehensive review of the NAA.

NAA has engaged Solicitor General to defend NAA in writ petitions challenging the constitutional validity of NAA.

Government is likely to file for appeal in Supreme Court in cases where NAA has been remanded by State High Courts against orders.

– NAA has constituted a panel of advocates to ensure the right justice is granted to consumers wherever profiteering has been done by the industry.


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