The Act is applicable to factories & establishment covered under shop & establishment act employing 5 or more employees (  Excluding top level management employees such as director and manager)

  • Due date: for Dec – 15th Jan and for  June – 15 July

Benefits – 

  • Educational facilities for the children of the workers.
  • Medical facilities for both private and public-sector employers to facilitate medical facilities for their workers and their families.
  • Transport facilities to the workers for commuting to work.
  • Recreational facilities in form of music, dance, drama, games, sports, paintings, etc. are usually offered to the employees to build a wholesome working environment.
  • Housing facilities under this scheme offer loans to industrial workers for constructing houses at concessional rates.
  • Excursions, tours and holiday homes.
  • Home industries and subsidiary occupations for women and unemployed persons.
  • Reading rooms and libraries.
  • Vocational training.
  • Nutritious food to children of employees.


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